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Small Steppingstones 14-16

Large Stepppingstone Molds 18+

Giant 30+ Fieldstone Slabs

Our Giant Olde Appalachian Fieldstone concrete molds are made with heavy-weight .093 thickness, rubberized, ABS plastic for stability and long life. (Most of our molds are made with .060 thickness ABS). They are designed to be used hundreds of times when used per our simple instructions. Area coverage is between four and five +/- square feet depending on the mold size. Note the 12" ruler in each photo to give you a gauge to go by and to illustrate how big these stones are. And remember…we are now offering FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA on these stone molds. You can make custom-colored, heavy, medium or lightweight stones with them. Make thick stepping stones, wall veneer, or thinner stone for walls, countertops or flooring, depending on the thickness you pour them.